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If you have a beloved piece of furniture that has experienced its share of wear and tear, then you can understand why sometimes the pieces that we love the most might not always look their best. That’s where an upholstery service can make wonders and revitalize your furnishings. Instead of dragging a couch with broken springs to the curb, you can have the springs repaired, the webbing replaced, the padding restored, and the fabric updated.

Since our business was established in 1988, the team at Holley’s Home Interiors had remained committed to providing quality, stylish furnishings and services, including upholstery, for any budget. Let us provide you with individualized, custom care so we can meet your unique needs. We have the expertise and connections with the top fabric designers to provide quality options when you choose to reupholster your furniture. Let us help you make informed decisions that enhance your home’s style and aesthetic.

Green antique loveseat.

What is Upholstery?

Upholstery consists of the various soft coverings on furniture, including the fabric, padding, webbing, and springs. When you reupholster a chair, a sofa, an ottoman, or another piece of furniture, you extend its life and make an eco-conscious and sustainable choice that keeps furniture out of landfills. Upholstery makes your furniture more comfortable and directly impacts how your home or workplace looks and feels—it’s the difference between sitting in an old or worn couch with broken springs versus reclining in a comfortable, clean sofa with soft, stylish that invites you to stay for hours.

What Happens When You Use Our Upholstery Services?

When you come to Holley’s Home Interiors for your upholstery needs, we’ll start by showing you the full range of quality fabrics in our gallery. We work with top fabric designers, and our expert staff loves helping clients find the perfect fabric or leather options for their furnishing and interior design.

As you speak with our experts, we’ll help you identify the colors, styles, and fabrics that best meet your needs. Whether you have children, pets, or furnishings with special needs (like often-used sofas or chairs in highly-trafficked areas of your home), we can help you make choices for the best fabrics for your home. For instance, if you have small dogs or cats, you don’t want an open-weave fabric they’ll catch their claws on. And if you live with your spouse and enjoy luxurious textures, fine weaves and embroideries may be just right for your design.

We’ll also help you consider maintenance and decorating tips so your finished furnishing will fit your home’s interior design and your existing colors and fabrics. Our selection of materials is extensive, and we account for your budget as we steer you toward the best options for your lifestyle.

Choosing the right fabric sets the tone for your home. It can help convey almost any kind of atmosphere:

  • Fun and whimsical, with patterns, bright colors, and geometric shapes.
  • Minimalist, with clean lines and simple textures.
  • Luxurious, with textured fabrics like velvet, wool, and leather.
  • Romantic, with lace and velvet in feminine colors.
Man hammering upholstery on chair.

How Can You Use Upholstery?

Upholstery service on a sofa before and after near College Station, Texas (TX)

Upholstery allows you to customize your home with new, existing favorite, or interesting vintage furniture and decor. Whether you have a vintage piece you rescued from Grandma’s attic or an ottoman you love but could use a refresh or style upgrade, you can benefit from upholstery.

  • Make your furniture more comfortable by replacing broken springs, restoring padding, and improving ergonomic design.
  • Restore antique or vintage furniture instead of buying something new.
  • Customize colors and fabrics to enhance your interior design.
  • Repair tears or rips in existing fabric or leather furniture.

What Can You Reupholster?

At Holley's Home Interiors, we can reupholster:

  • Sofas, couches, futons, and benches.
  • Chairs, including armchairs, dining room chairs, office swivel chairs, recliners, rocking chairs, gliders, and wing-backed chairs.
  • Ottomans.
  • Padded headboards and footboards.

We also offer matching fabric and services to upgrade decorative items like lampshades, cushions, and bedding as well as window curtains or draperies.

Schedule an Upholstery Consultation Today

If you’re considering new furniture, stop and search your own home or find funky vintage pieces instead of running out and buying something new. We can help you reupholster your existing furniture and turn it into a new piece you’ll love.

Holley’s Home Interiors in College Station, Texas, can transform your furnishings to make them perfect for you. Our friendly and professional staff will help you make decisions that enhance your home's aesthetic. With our interior design experience, we can help you stage your furniture, and balance color and style.

Contact us today! Send us an email or call us at (979) 690-8889. Visit our showroom at 4091 State Highway 6 S., in College Station, TX. Explore our wide range of quality fabric firsthand and learn what we can do for you.

We proudly serve College Station, Bryan, Brenham, Button, Round Top, Navasota, Madisonville, Hearne, Huntsville, Iola, Anderson, Somerville, Caldwell, Snook, and Franklin, TX, and the surrounding areas. 

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